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When I say Terminal, I don’t mean the film that has come before, but in fact the brand-new feature from Margot Robbie and an all-star cast. Taking place in a train station, Robbie is joined by Simon Pegg, Max Irons, Dexter Fletcher and Mike Myers, to give us a story about a group of strangers who are all faced with a never-ending fear of the dark crime lord Mr. Franklin.

Following two assassins (Irons and Fletcher), a sick teacher (Pegg), a janitor with another life (Myers) and a waitress (Robbie), the film sees them try to unravel the events of one night that causes their lives to change forever. Over the course of 90 minutes, the team manages to drag the audience through a brightly lit but dull feature that never fully brings the mystery as to why we are watching to a close.

Marking the directorial debut of Vaughn Stein, the story never fully grasps the beauty of its cast and their many talents. In the dystopian filled land in which the characters live in, the world of darkness never lifts and actually becomes a burden for doing so. There is no denying that the actors can play the roles and do a good job, but it is the weight of heaviness that this script leaves on them that causes their jobs to never be done to full effect.

A fact that is sad to see when you know that Robbie could play this role to award-winning standard again and again if she was given the opportunity to shine more. Something that could also be said for Pegg, whose role as the teacher is comical but also one that never goes higher than the first appearance from him. Plus, as a return to the big screen for Myers after a long wait, it would have been amazing to see him given a more adventurous role to play with.

Everything by the middle of the film becomes a guessing game that you will spend a long time getting right. It doesn’t feel fresh, but just a script and film that mingles a few other films or a mumbled script for multiple films together. A very sad sight to see for a film with an epic cast and a great chance to make an even more epic narrative.

There so, I am giving the film…

2 Stars

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