Street Mobster DVD Review


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Directed by Kinji Fukasaku, the man behind Battle Royale, Street Mobster is a gripping look at the rise and fall of a street punk, who winds up in the middle of a deadly turf war that could mean life or death.

Bunta Sugawara stars as Okita Isamu, a man who returns to the streets of Kawazaki after five years in prison, for a set of brutal crimes that have left him well-known in the town he left behind. Upon entering back into the local area, he meets prostitute Kinuyo, who he attacked years before. However, the pair makes up an unusual friendship, as they spend more time together.

However, when an old-school gangster asks him to set up a new gang to rival those already in place, he finds that everything and everyone he knows is about to have their lives changed forever, as he challenges the world around them.

With a cast that many won’t have heard of before, Street Mobster tests the audience’s limits but ultimately gives them a film that will hook them in and entertain them. It has elements of 70s classic gangster feature mixed in with the dark world of modern cinema limits that continuously push us for more.

There is a continuous gripping element of the story that will make sure that you don’t forget what Kinji has done and the story he has captured. The story doesn’t hold back and often slams you in the gut with hard storylines and moments of pure power that you can’t believe they are happening. For instance, the friendship between Okita and his victim.

For such a hard-hitting story and the deliverance of a gripping film, it has earned itself this…

4 Star

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