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Good Morning Lovelies,

Recently it seemed as though The Rock/Dwayne Johnson had changed the films he starred in. Jumanji, Central Intelligence and Moana to name just a few were box office smash hits, which cemented his leading actor ways. However, sadly, Rampage fails to light up the screen in the same way.

When a special technology is created to turn loving animals into terrifying monsters, the world is put at risk. And there is only one man who can stop it from being destroyed – Johnson’s zoologist Davis Okoye, who is forced to deal with the gorilla he had begun to build trust with. Sound a bit odd? Well, the film kind of is.

Filled with action, the feature tries to recreate Godzilla and King Kong in its own way. But, it doesn’t have that true animalistic nature about it to work. In fact, it all comes off a bit too much and lacking in any sense of worth. Yet, there is some fun to this. With all the madness that takes place, you can’t help but laugh at it.

As we learn about Davis’ relationship with the animals and how they have grown up together, audiences are treated to a Mario like growth of one animal, who just so happens to be Davis’ favourite one. The leading gorilla figure expands and booms his way across the city in so much CGI fashion that it could bring a smile to even the coldest of hearts. It doesn’t require thinking. Just the key use of your imagination. And the brilliance of using Dwayne Johnson to be the leading man in this feature.

Director Brad Peyton, who has worked with Johnson before, should have known better than to make something like this again after San Andreas. However, he hasn’t and his return to the big screen fails to draw us in apart from the few laughs.

Based on the 1986 game, which also didn’t shock the world, the film lacks what many fans of the classic game edition will love. Humans are meant to turn into animals – something that don’t do here – and the characters become like a secondary feature against them. In this case it is the scientists an heir knowledge that lead the way in hysteria. Space stations blow up. Animals destroy mankind and the planet nearly stops spinning from it all.

There so, I am giving it…

3 Stars

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Joey X

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