Picnic At Hanging Rock DVD Review


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All-girl schools have always had a reputation of being a little bit bitchy. And whether they are or not, they have always been perceived this way in films and TV shows. In the latest adaptation of the novel, Picnic At Hanging Rock, the characters are making sure that this trope doesn’t go anywhere in a very dark way.

With Natalie Dormer leading the cast as headmistress, Hester Appleyard, the six-part series captures Appleyard’s purchase of an isolated mansion, which she transforms in a school for young women. After building the establishment to an elevated level, six years pass with no problems. Until three students and a governess go missing in a mysterious manner. Leaving all involved sadden and in dismay that something like this has happened, each episode works to uncover what has happened to the girls and how their disappearance has affected everyone involved.

Every episode brings new challenges to both the characters and the audience. Nothing is certain. Nothing is clear and the darkness that falls over the school soon brings a darkness to the story on a whole new level. Yet, all of this bonds the show together to make for thrilling viewing. Especially with the superb acting from Dormer.

As the lead performer, Dormer makes sure audiences capture a character who may be more menacing but equally as enchanting as the plot line. Her adaptation of the role is one that has been done with skill and talents that highlight that she has spent a large amount of time getting to know the character. Something, in fact, that each actor has done within the show with equally fabulous performances.

The huge winner of the show though is the Australian landscape. There is a beauty in the scenery that highlights the threat of the disappearances and the darkness that surrounds the buildings. If the story isn’t capturing you, it is the world that it is set in that does.

With all this in mind, I am giving the gripping show…

4 Stars

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