Is Your 99 Flake Real or Not? Cadbury's Have Created The Ultimate Squad To Find Out


Good Afternoon Lovelies,

Flakes! A true British staple! Whether you like them in a 99 ice cream or on their own, there is nothing like them and their crumbly goodness. So, how would you feel if you found out they were fake?

I would be pretty annoyed lovelies because, to me, it is the chocolate bar you don’t mind getting messy for. However, according to a new survey by Cadbury, whilst 70% would expect to be eating a real Cadbury’s Flake in an ice cream, 60% Of is we’re shocked to discover that in fact what we are munching on may be fake. Yet, Cadbury isn’t going to let the numbers do the talking.

As of the summer of 2018, Cadbury has created a squad that you don’t mind if they flake out on you! Known as the Cadbury Flake Squad, they have been hitting places all over the country to stop fake bars being sold and restoring the wonder of the chocolate to the world.

And one place they helped to restore was my home. Growing up when the ice cream van rung outside our home, we use to all go out and get 99s. Mine always had strawberry sauce, nuts or hundreds and thousands and a flake on top of it and I can assure you that within five minutes it was gone.

However, as I have gotten older, we now rarely have an ice cream van come around and so the act of dashing outside at the sound of the familiar tune has stopped. And so did the classic 99s. But, after receiving a number of Flake bars from Cadbury, I have started to wonder why, when now I can recreate the famous cones or have luxury ice creams with Flake’s in them or sprinkled on top. Easily done and easily eaten!

After helping me open the packaging, my mum headed straight into our freezer to find her loyal tubs. From a choice of Magnum’s, vanilla, mint choc chip and the good old faithful Ben & Jerry’s, we went with the classic vanilla, which didn’t stay classic for long. Covered in a real Flake with sprinkled pieces, we tucked into our bowls and instantly it was a reminder of what we were missing out on.

I never really thought about how to tell the difference between a real or fake Flake but you could. No white outlines on the bar. No dry texture. And it is heat resistant too! All the things that you need when enjoying this on a hot sunny day. Although I will admit, we had these on a stormy Tuesday night.

The whole time we were making them I was wishing that the younger members of my family were around to join us, as I would have loved it if I was still little. Oh hell, I’m 23 and I still loved it! In fact, it made me think of other things you could use a flake for. Perfect in porridge. To add a bit of jazz to a cocktail. Or as a sweet treat in a rice pudding. The possibilities are endless.

After years of not having a Flake, they are still as good, creamy, trustworthy and real Cadbury’s goodness that can’t be missed. So, grab some ice cream or a 99 and make sure that yours has only the best kind around lovelies. Or you know just tuck into a Flake on its own. Both are true winners!

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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