Orange Is The New Black Season Six Completely Changes How I Feel About The Show!


Good Afternoon Lovelies,

Orange Is The New Black is a show you start each season never knowing how it is going to end up. Season four was one hell of an emotional rollercoaster and by far the best of the bunch, whilst season five left me wanting more from the characters.

Since Friday though I have been falling under the spell of season six. Brutal, raw and testing every political situation it can, six released a new world for the characters we love. Some of which we took joy in seeing and others that ripped our hearts out of bodies.

Following on from the riot, the Litchfield inmates find themselves in the prisons maximum security centre. Separated from their usual groups, each woman is facing something new, whilst also battling the unfamiliar faces they are dealt with. Piper longs to wed Alex, whilst Nicky is making sure that nothing happens to her even when she has to let Red down and Taystee faces the most horrible storyline the show has touched on.

New faces include Barb and Carol, two manic sisters who you never know if they are working together or against each other leading to a horrific end of the season. One that climaxes in fact with a kickball game. And the introduction of Madison, or Badison as she prefers to be known, who

Whilst we know that they are prisoners, the characters leave you reeling and feeling more things each season than you ever have before. Barb and Carol bring no sympathy out of you, whilst Taystee makes you want to jump into the moment and demand justice for her. Elsewhere Suzanne is gaining new friends with old ties in Frieda, which just screams brilliance and I can’t wait to see how they develop their bond more in the future.

Speaking of the future, it is this that builds this season. Piper’s ending, the introduction of ICE, Taystee’s trial outcome and the aftermath of the kickball game are going to be what builds the show into the future. We will be fed and given some of the most honest looks at the prison system, even with the added comedy, which will test every emotion your body has.

Season six didn’t hold back and it is a good thing. Whilst the fifth season hooked us in, it lacked the thrill of the forth. Something season six has gathered up, swallowed up and taken on board fully to deliver a binge-worthy feast. There is nothing I can compare this too and the way in which each character moves along, develops and tells their stories, whether old or no make a true impact. One that will leave you as an audience member dying for more. If season seven is going to be anything like this one, then let the show go on and on lovelies!

Have you watched the latest season lovelies? Let me know your thoughts on it in the comments below and on the blog’s social pages. 

Joey X 

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