Disney and MediCinema Team Up With Christopher Robin For A Special Event That You Lovelies Can Get Involved In!


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Only a few moments ago, Disney announced that they will be joining forces with MediCinema to give audiences around the UK that chance to catch Christopher Robin a day before the film releases!

With all box office proceeds going to MediCinema, the great initiative will see major cinema chains across the country holding the screenings, in which all the money raised from will help seriously ill children and adults enjoy a shared movie moment together with their loved ones. Something I and the patron of the charity and star of the film Ewan McGregor think is an amazing idea.

See what Ewan had to say in a special video below:

Lee Jury, Head of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures UK & Ireland said, “As a founding partner of MediCinema, we’ve seen the comfort and inspiration film can bring to seriously ill children and those closest to them.  Being able to spend quality time together helps build emotional resilience, giving them the strength and ability to cope. We hope these special screenings of Christopher Robin will enable MediCinema to create many more moments that matter for patients, and we’re excited to be the first studio to be part of this wider industry initiative.”

Also speaking about the news, Kat Mason, Chief Executive of MediCinema said, “We are so grateful to The Walt Disney Company, Ewan McGregor and the UK cinema community for coming together in this way to raise vital funds for MediCinema. You honestly can’t overestimate the difference that going to the movies in your hospital bed can make– it is precious normality, a chance to escape into other worlds, a shared experience and memory made together when it is needed most. Please do come out and see the film on the 16th – by buying a ticket, you’ll be helping people seriously ill in hospital and their families to share a precious movie moment together and feel better with film.”

Whilst, Phil Clapp, CEO of the UK Cinema Association said, “While everyone working in the UK cinema industry of course believes in the power of the big screen experience, the work of MediCinema shows its ability truly to transform lives. Through these special screenings, UK cinema operators are delighted to give the British public a unique opportunity to ensure that that impact can reach an even wider number of people”.

You can catch a preview screening lovelies from the 16th August, the day before its release, with tickets and information available on the Christopher Robin website.

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