Apprentice To Murder DVD Review


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Before he became the man known for haunting Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games franchise, Donald Sutherland played an even more sinister figure in Apprentice to Murder. A dark romance story about a young man’s love for his lover and his desire to work with one of the greatest doctors around.

Playing Dr. John Reese, Sutherland gives the performance of a lifetime, as he gives audiences a story of the fine line between good and evil. When a young man called Billy Kelly (Chad Lowe) discovers the powers of folk magic healer Dr. John Reese, a man who has been cast out by the local community, his desire to know more about him makes for an interesting discovery.

Joining forces to find out what is causing a mysterious illness in their local area, leading to a number of people being accused, the spell Reese puts on Billy is one that can’t be shaken. Even when his lover tries to make him remember his past life.

Whilst there are a number of things wrong with the story, including the way in which the shots and quick sequences are handled, the real magic is, in fact, the actors. Sutherland is the one that really shines.

There is nothing about it that doesn’t make for entertaining magic and especially with the fabulous performance from Sutherland. A man who knows how to draw us in from his first lines on screen, which has earned this review a higher rating of…

3 Stars

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