Traffik DVD Review


Good Morning Lovelies,

Lionsgate is making a name for themselves within the thriller world, with continuous hits after hits. However, their latest direct to DVD feature, Traffik, fails to nail in on their other films.

Starting Paula Patton, the film follows a couple on a romantic getaway, which takes a nasty turn. When they discover an evil biker gang, who are in no way like the one in Sons of Anarchy, their holiday is meant to be an escape from them. However, the gang soon finds them and the trip becomes a nightmare for the pair.

Every section of the plot is predictable and you can guess exactly where it is going to go. The acting seems wooden at times due to this and it becomes hard to watch, due to the unbearable motions everyone is putting themselves through. All of which seeming like they don’t want to be there.

If you are hoping for a modern-day thriller with a new mark to make on the horror/thrills genre, this isn’t it. There is no power play or mark being made, as the story lacks everything a 2018 audience needs. And there so, it has earned itself...

2 Stars

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Joey X

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