211 DVD Review


Good Morning Lovelies, 

For a while now, Nicholas Cage has been very quiet. However, he is now back in the action-packed 211, a film about the real-life events that took place and led to the bloodiest and longest battle the US police force has ever faced.

Named after the code for a robbery happening, the film captures Mike Chandler (Cage), an officer who is ready kick back and relax into retirement, as he goes on one of his last patrols of the street. However, he soon finds himself face to face with a bank heist in progress that he isn’t prepared for.

Cage has always tried to do action and many times he has done it well. However, in 211 he feels very out of place at times. Almost as if he doesn’t feel like he can do the role. With an interesting story – one which many would want to know about – it feels as though every moment is too rushed. There is no stop and learn something or discovery, but a this is happening and you will deal with it as an audience.

All of which leading to a not very appealing viewing experience, causing a sense of sadness, as you hope that this will be the film that brings Cage back to the forefront of filmmaking and not the memes doing the rounds online.

With so much being left in the dark and a lacking script and storyline, 211 loses its appeal the more it goes on. Leading me to give it this…

2 Stars

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Joey X 

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