Tomb Raider DVD Review


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Back when I was little, Lara Croft was a bit of a hero to me. Not the Angelina Jolie films, although I didn’t mind them, but the PlayStation One game. I would spend hours trapping the butler in the house and playing along in a world I had no clue what was going on. Something that I experienced again with the 2018 film remake.

Known for her warrior ways and scene-stealing action, Lara Croft was known by many for being the most kick-ass female video game hero of all time. As fans asked for more, the CGI world was quick to give it. Leading to the new film to be based on the 2013 reboot. And things have definitely changed.

Instead of Jolie, we get Alicia Vikander and instead of an already known hero, we get the origins story. However, they are far from easy to stomach and fail to capture what we all know and love. Going back in time, Vikander’s Croft is a young woman, who spends her days delivering takeaways, whilst getting into trouble in London. After being bailed out by her aunt (Kristin Scott Thomas) one final time, she decides to go in search of her father, who many believe has died. Yet, she knows that this isn’t really the case.

When a new actor comes on board, the first thing the creators should do is forget about the films left in the past. This one doesn’t. Instead, it tries to joke about them. Leading to the first downfall of the series. One that quickly becomes a landslide, with easy to guess tory narratives and unfavourable plot lines.

Moments that are meant to be funny flop and moments that are meant to be serious and action-packed are predictable and very repetitive. Considering the world has moved on with even more technological advancements, this film doesn’t use them to the best of their ability. In fact, it is very easy to guess storyline. Whether you have played the game or not.

The cast is a great selection, but the lack of a strong script means that they are let down by sloppy lines and an even sloppier narrative. Vikander can act her heart and she really tries to make the character her own, but the writers have tried to make her seem more innocent and unique then they need to. The name Lara Croft is unique. It is the story that just needs to be.

Tomb Raider could have been a completely new world for the action hero, but there are so many daft and overdramatic features within it that it becomes hard to stomach. Something that makes it easy to say that the competition between the game and the film may have been won by the former.

There so, I am giving it…

2 Stars 

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Joey X 

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