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Benedict Cumberbatch is breaking away from Sherlock. In fact, he has been doing so for a while now. After years of showing his serious side, he is giving audiences all the other faces he can portray in one year it now seems. Loveable and fun in Avengers: Infinity War and Patrick Melrose in the new Sky series of the same name.

Based on the best-selling books, each episode in the series captures the life of Melrose. From a young boy to a drug-addicted father who wants to get his life back on track, the show is very much like watching the life of another Don Draper. But with Cumberbatch making the role his own.

Made up of five episodes, the show sees Cumberbatch take on one of his most incredible performances to date. Playing Melrose, his acting resembles that of a play. It is pure character focused and highlights Cumberbatch’s many talents. From drug influenced moments to the painful realisations of why he is the way he is, there is no stopping the clever script writing pairing with Cumberbatch.

There is a real sense of atmosphere as well in the show that makes it work so well. Set in 80s New York, the creators seem to get every element of it right. A real joy for those of us who didn’t live through it but wished we had. The music mixes in with the blunt and emotionless moments that Melrose delivers to give audiences a small sense of what the character is feeling. All of which moving each episode on to each other with power and grace.

Whilst many will never not see Cumberbatch as Sherlock, this play like performance and story is one that screams a different time. It highlights a movement for Cumberbatch and a positive one at that. Sherlock will always live on, Melrose may not (all of the books are covered in one season!) but Cumberbatch’s performances will last for an eternity. Especially if he keeps delivering like this.

There so, I am giving the show...

5 Stars

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Joey X

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