The Boondock Saints DVD Review


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Classic films normally star huge names from an era we all dream of going back to. However, some of the shine a light on actors who would or will become modern-day heroes. In The Boondock Saints, this comes in the form of Norman Reedus, who takes on a very different role to that of his The Walking Dead character.

Set in Massachusetts, the film follows some of the toughest criminals in town, including the McManus brothers, Connor and Murphy, who end up taking out members of the Russian mafia in the hopes to clean up their city. However, their actions lead to the ultimate fight with the FBI and its specialist agents, who have other plans to clean up the state.

First released in 2000 and now out on Blu-ray for the first time, the film is an interesting look at the way in which Reedus started his career and the early reign of violence in cinema. Yet, there isn’t much to it that will make audiences want to watch it again and again.

Considering the film was an expensive project, the fight between the FBI and brothers often suffers from plot holes and over the top dramatics that makes it awkward to watch. In fact, there are times when you want the chair you are on to eat you up.

There so, whilst the film is a great way to see Reedus commanding the screen in a different setting, it may be best to remember him more so for his role in The Walking Dead. Through bad camera work, script lines and plot holes, I have therefore decided to give the film…

2 Stars

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