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Many of us are used to seeing Jim Carrey playing the funny man. From The Mask to Bruce Almighty, he has built a career being one of the best comedians on the big screen. However, in Dark Crimes, Carrey is bringing back his dramatic side to give us all a reminder that he can do hard-hitting performances as well.

When a crime novelist reveals the details of a horrific murder, detective Tadek (Carrey) goes in search of the real answers behind it, to be able to end his career on a regal high. However, the novelist seems to have missed out a tremendous amount of details, leaving the detective lurking around every corner to uncover what is really going on.

With a figure seeking the truth and a writer who makes up worlds, this dark Nordic drama becomes a tangled web of death, lies and deceit that would have succeeded better as a TV series. For two hours, the film just can’t capture the essence of the story or the way in which the characters need to be developed for audiences. All of which leads to it being a hard watch for all the wrong reasons. 

Carrey never once lets up in the role and in some ways, this is a downfall. Whilst it is great to see him in something else, it actually becomes uncomfortable to watch. You can’t help but wish he would take a moment to ease up on the brooding figure he creates (plus, his accent isn’t all that it is meant to be). It isn’t a need or a want for comedy that causes this, but an urgency to let audiences breathe during this thriller, leading to him being overshadowed by his co-stars, especially Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Dark Crimes is a film that should be avoided if you are hoping for a light Jim Carrey adventure. Dark, deep and in no way easy viewing and not in a good way, this film has earned itself this…

2 Stars

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