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Good Afternoon Lovelies,

Every day I wear my watch with pride! Having wanted a Fitbit for a long time, my mum treated me for my birthday last year and I haven’t taken it off since. The convenience of seeing how my sleep, workout and fitness levels are is very important to me and this does all that so easily.

However, there is one downside to my watch. It doesn’t look amazing on a night out and often bulls out in pictures or nice shots I grab. And the straps can be quite expensive at times to buy. There so, when I was sent an amazing email from Adexe Watches, I couldn’t wait to see what they had in their store.

Full of beautiful timeless pieces, the watches were stylish and perfect for a night out or special occasion. After spending a little while looking at them, the team behind the creations kindly sent me my favourite – the Meek Grande in rose gold - and I love it! As a huge rose gold fan, this beautiful design came with a black face that really makes it pop! And for only £109, it is super affordable, whilst looking like it costs so much more!

Removing my other watch, I instantly knew that this was going to be the piece that sees me through my holiday, nights out and summer events. All due to its colour, lightweight feel and beauty.

Whilst trying on the watch, I began to think about the watches in TV shows and films that had influenced my love of them. And so, I decided to gather some of the most stylish on-screen pieces that you can now wear with these great pieces by Adexe.

Tick tock, don’t let these watches stop...

Rachel, Suits: Owning this gold design, Rachel Zane is never without her amazing gold watch, which stands out in every scene. You can find a similar one on the Adexe website, with this Meek Grande Gold one standing out as the perfect match.

Ana, Fifty Shades Franchise: Since the first film, Ana has had some very stylish looks and this watch is one accessory we should all be looking to for inspiration. Adexe has one just like it with their They Grande design.

Abi, What We Did On Our Holiday: This white watch isn’t something you may be expecting, but they can be super stylish. Both this one in the film and this amazing marshmallow pink and white one would look amazing this summer.

Cal, Crazy, Stupid Love: Never one to leave Ryan Gosling out of anything, his watch in this film is a scene stealer with its brown touch. I found this Adexe one, which is very close to being a perfect match. Much like me and Ryan!

Eggsy, Kingsman: The Secret Service: With such amazing suits, of course, the team are going to have amazing watches to match. Team your spy outfit with this very similar style and you will soon be a member of The Kingsman too.

To find out more about Adexe and to see the other styles they have lovelies, make sure to visit their website lovelies:

You will soon be matching your favourite film characters in no time! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X 

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