Get That Film Star Summer Glow With Garnier Ambre Solaire's New Collection!


Good Afternoon Lovelies,

With less than a month to go until I pack up my troubles and head off to France to celebrate my birthday, I have finally begun getting everything in place for the trip. This includes buying a new wardrobe, sun hat and the all-important sun creams - must-have essential.

From the moment I was born, I was always very lucky to have got my dad’s Italian genes in me, which led to a gorgeous brown tan. However, after having pneumonia, I am lucky if I even go a hint of pink! That doesn’t mean though that I don’t still protect my skin. In fact, I take even more care now than I did before.

I’m not really one to wear fake tan - I know I will streak it or it will go wrong - but I do love to try new products to try and get that film star glow. There so, when I saw Garnier Ambre Solaire’s new sun care collection, I knew I had to give it a go.

With a great new before and after range, the Garnier team are making sure that our skin is kept safe this year. Starting with a new water-based spray, which offers a UV protection of 30, but is a lot lighter on your skin. Before applying, the bottle instructs that you shake it up. This is to mix the water and essential oils together to make the perfect combination. You will know when you have shaken it enough, as the mixture goes cloudy. You can then simply spray, rub in and stay safe.

This was a really simple product to use and I found that it actually helped me to save time when getting ready, without lacking on how much I needed to use. My skin also felt a lot softer and my mum and I both agreed that it had a gorgeous smell that lasted.

Once we had prepped our skin for the sun, I then applied the new skin patch that Garnier is offering for free on their bottles. A bit like a small plaster, the sticker rests on your skin and lets you know through colour changes when you need to reapply sun cream - even when you are in water. Lasting for only one day, these are an absolutely amazing invention and I hope that they bring them out to buy, to be honest. It is so easy to forget when you are having a good time to put on lotion, but these simple reminders help make sure you are always checking in. Dreaded burns be gone!

The final treat I received was one that would be perfect for all to use after a day of sun. Our faces are often the most damaged areas of our body, with sunbathing and skin damage hitting it from all angles. Hoping to prevent some of that lasting nastiness is there new face mask, which has enough moisture in it to soothe you in one sitting instead of five. Time-saving, soothing and splendid all at once. I kept this one until a Friday night, as I wanted to pamper myself after walking home and travelling all week for work.

Let me start by telling you all that this mask is a thing of beauty. I am already looking into buying more for my holiday. Completely soft on my face, which suffers a lot due to cystic acne (when it happens I could cry), this left my skin feeling cool and better than it has in a long time.

I don’t think I would keep these just for being after a day in the sun in fact, but as a regular pamper treat. Out of everything I tried this was my favourite and a top tip I have for you is to put it in the fridge for extra coolness.

After trying all of these treats, I officially felt ready to take on my holiday and I now can’t wait to hit the beach with all this added protection. Garnier, you little beauties!

To find out more about the products or to see how much they are lovelies, click here: and have the time of you holidaying life aha!

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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