The Shannara Chronicles Season Two DVD Review


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Based on the best-selling books, The Shannara Chronicles was a teen Game of Thrones franchise that has sadly been cancelled after only two seasons. From sword fights to saving the planet, the show focused on three young heroes trying to destroy those looking to destroy the planet.

With Austin Butler (The Carrie Diaries will forever be a favourite of mine!) in the lead role, the shows second season focuses on his character, with a new haircut, as he seeks to find out the truth about his past and how it has influenced the world around him.

In just 10 episodes, the show packs in monsters of epic fantasy proportions and suspense that will leave young audience members hooked, but it may just fail to pack a punch with older viewers. Completely changing everything that we thought we knew about the first season and the people we have come to know from it.

The monsters and characters seem like people we have already met many times and the storyline, whilst fresh fails to make sure audiences aren’t getting a similar series to what they have seen before. Something that is down to the series only being 10 episodes long, causing key elements to be cut out and character building to be dropped.

Don’t get me wrong, the show is still interesting to watch and the worlds in which it is set are stunning, but there is a sense that it has something about it that puts the narrative on a strange path. One that the actors have sadly had to walk on.

However, this hasn’t stopped them from kicking ass, especially Butler, who manages to save the day many times over the course of the series. As do the women in the show, who bring ultimate girl power to the forefront. It is this clever storytelling that should have been presented more and the close calls to the strange worlds dropped a little.

Overall, the second season is better than the first by a lot, but it is let down by small mistakes that could have easily been fixed. It is a feature though that will let audiences and creatives see the talents of its stars and hopefully someone will pick it up for a third season to build the bridges this season left.

There so, I am giving the series…

3 ½ Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X 

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