Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle DVD Review


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Back in the 90s, Jumanji was a film that would terrify me. If it was on, I would have to turn it off, even with my very big love and appreciate for Robin Williams. The different worlds and themes that were in it use to make me want to run and hide, so much so that I didn’t watch it for a long time. Now, it is a cult classic to me.

So, when a sequel was announced last year starring Dwayne Johnson, Karen Gillian, Kevin Hart and Jack Black I was a little bit worried. However, the modern-day feature is a comedic delight. Welcome to the Jungle is a feel-good family comedy, which will make those Jumanji memories come back to life in a gentler fashion.

No longer set within a board game, the film takes a present-day feel by making the game a PlayStation/Nintendo feature, which sucks in those that play it in the real world to fight the virtual monsters. Something four teenagers are faced with during one detention, when they become the stars above, fighting to keep their three lives.

The film is a pure delight for all watching. The story uses the usual stereotypes, such as the geek, jock, popular girl and quiet one, to give a new Breakfast Club vibe to a story that is nothing like the 80s classic. Together they fight each other, even killing one another in some cases, but they show that in the end, they all need each other to survive. And these actors have definitely built a trust around them to make sure this works.

It is fair to say that this film is very easy to judge from first glance. You could be forgiven for predicting that they will all be the way we have seen them in other films. Yet, this feature presents them at their very best. Especially Black, who is a comedy genius as the social media obsessed teen girl trapped in his body, who falls for Nick Jonas’ character.

There are of course the usual ideals. But, they are easily overlooked when you see that the film uses the predictability to make something easy and enjoyable to watch. Each scene slides together, nothing feels like it has been left out and the new tale will make you laugh quietly to yourself many times.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle shouldn’t work. It is a sequel to a film with a huge amount of love. Yet, it does and it brings to life the board game, in a new style to a new generation. Jumanji will never die or be forgotten and this story will show that sequels can be fun and imaginative.

There so, I am giving it…

4 Stars

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Joey X 

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