Gomorrah Series Three DVD Review


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On to its third season, Gomorrah is in no way letting the likes of McMafia takes its crown as the rebel based show provides more fights, cunning plans, and blood. Lots of blood in fact! As the characters return on DVD and Blu-Ray, I decided to take a look at how the new series compares to its previous wonders.

Opening the series with a huge character’s death, which was revealed in the second season, the show picks up right where we left off, this Naples set drama makes a comeback of epic proportions. Never letting up, the horrors continue for the family, as Circo takes the lead, with a fantastic third episode all to himself, as he finally takes in what he has done and how it has affected his family.

The third season is no doubt the best of the bunch. With gripping plot lines, sensational monologues and characters who have grown and developed over time now at their best, the show has nowhere else to go but upwards. Placing audiences into the heart of the action, this mafia show has a Godfather appeal to it.

Capturing similar scenery shots to those in the film mentioned above, the world of Naples revolves around the characters and their actions. As they open up and the shots reveal more of them, they alo bring more of the world of Naples to life too. Yet, when they close off, so does the city. It is a piece that makes audiences want to know more about the Italian story through design and technique.

Each actor has also marked their return by becoming even more in control and fierce with their characters actions. They all feel more comfortable and it makes for their stories to appear to be real. Even though it is a fictional piece.

In a world that still yearns for The Sopranos, this might just be the show to help people get through those tough times when you end the box set, as it is truly gripping stuff. There so, I am giving the shows incredible third season…

4 Stars

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