Flowers In The Attic DVD Review


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Arrow Films are recognised all over the world for bringing classic horror films to life. Whether it be Hammer ones or originals, they just know what horror and thrill fans need to help them get their terrifying fixes. This includes today’s latest release, Flowers in the Attic, which is out on Blu-Ray for the first time ever!

After her husband dies in an accident, widower Corrine Dollanganger, played by Victoria Tennant, moves her four children back into the home that she left before they were born. Upon returning, the four children are locked away in the attic by their grandmother, leaving the oldest of them to become their sole provider, as their mother becomes distant.

The film is a teenage thrill that reminds you of classic horrors such as Carrie, as it seeks to highlight the breakdown of a family dynamic and the leading powerful woman. As horror films were built, this is the first of many that showed the way for women to take control of the horror genre, which leads to the brilliant Scream films and more and it works so well in doing so. And whilst the story isn’t always the best, it does work, and it does make for some exciting characters to be developed.

All of which leads it to earn this rating of…

3 ½ Stars

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