Britannia Series One DVD Review


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So many shows nowadays are trying to work out how Game of Thrones became so popular and copying the formula for their own pieces. With its war filled scenes, book matching plot lines and likable characters, it is easy to see why they are trying to do this. However, in an attempt to match up to the ratings that GOT gives them, Sky Atlantic’s new drama Britannia doesn’t quite live up to it.

Portraying the Roman takeover of England, the show captures those within the battle and those being affected by it. With comical undertones and bloody wars, there are a lot of similarities to GOT, but there is something about this that doesn’t quite stick. Maybe it is the comedy or the way in which the storyline is played out, but over the course of the first season, you may find yourself drifting off.

It is a show that never has a focus. When you think that you have got to grips with what the show may be trying to achieve it completely flips it. One minute you are seeing the serious sides of the war, before a comical element drops in and ruins what could be the gem in the show.

The cast is however a great team, with David Morrissey, Fortunato Cerlino and Kelly Reilly all leading the way with their superb acting. Yet, they can’t save the chill that is not only spread on the screen but off the screen too. There is however one very beautiful thing about this show and that is the female leading characters. Whilst the men head to war, the women in the show scheme and plan their own takedown in epic fashion.

Britannia has a lot of faults within it, which could be easily solved, but for something to enjoy whilst you wait for GOT it might do the trick. Girl power is fantastic and it will make you smile, but it doesn’t compare to other shows of recent times.

There so, I am giving it…

2 ½ Stars

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Joey X 

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