Breathless Blu-Ray Review


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In our house, Richard Gere is a bit of a legend. My mum has been a big fan of his since An Officer and a Gentleman and since then we have had to watch many of his films. However, both myself and my mum had failed to watch Breathless over the years.

Starring Gere and Valérie Kaprisky, as a power couple, the two take on a remake of the French classic A Bout de Souffle. With many filmmakers and creators taking inspiration from their acting and the storyline, the film is a hoot from start to finish, with brilliant shots and clever script features.

Playing a small-time crook called Jesse Lujack, Gere’s character faces a life on the fun, after killing a cop in Vegas. Heading to Mexico, he meets a French student called Monica, who he convinces to join him on his journey. Yet, when his past catches up to the both, Monica finds herself having to make a tough choice.

Like Thelma and Louise, the film is full of suspense, romance, and thrills that make for edge of your seat drama. The two actors are impressive throughout and Gere brings his charm again to the big screen in a powerful manner. It is shocking in fact that the film isn’t more popular because of this.

An obvious influence to many future features, the film is able to present to modern audiences what directors have been basing their work on throughout the years. Comparisons can easily be made and modern cinema is still using this film to demonstrate beautiful pieces.

The film will leave you sitting on the edge of your seat, gripped with tension, enjoying the classic features and modern connections. There so, I am giving it…

4 Stars

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