Heading To A Festival? Vodafone and The Blog Trial Festival Apps That Could Help You!


Good Afternoon Lovelies,

Festival season is not slowing down anytime soon and thankfully so! Whenever I have been to see someone at a festival, I have come away with memories that will last me a lifetime. From jumping around to Justin Timberlake to mosh pitting with Kasabian, festivals are a place were all worries go out the window and life is fully embraced.

However, there are some worries that do occur. Phone batteries running out. Losing the people you are with. Being unable to remember a song when you have gotten home and not being able to find out where your tent or car actually is. There so, when Vodafone asked me if I would like to help my readers by trialling their new Vodafone Smart N8 and a number of useful festival apps, I was happy to help.

Whilst I have always been a iPhone user, the phone was easy to use and I could fine the apps quickly on the app store, which was a great quality to start with, as I kept thinking that it is a good quality to have in case you forget to download them beforehand and have to get them when you are at the event.

Once I had got us to it completely and the apps had been downloaded, I set about trialling the following to help with all your festival needs…

Shazam: Used to find out the name and singer of a certain song that you don’t know, the app simply has to be opened and pressed for the song to begin being tracked. I had this app on my old phone for a long time and I have realised by trialling it again why I used it so much. At a festival it will be the perfect thing if you have never heard of a singer but could definitely imagine yourself listening to them when home. A must have for any music fan.

Power Battery: Is anyone else’s phone like mine where it just starts draining from the moment it is unplugged? It is probably the only reason I dislike my phone at the moment and the reason why I was most excited to trail the power battery app out of all of them. Used to highlight what is draining the battery on your phone, the app allows you to stop using them or to prevent yourself from touching them to make sure your battery lasts. Whilst I didn’t use it for that long, I liked having the knowledge that there was an app that could help me not use apps or tools that were causing me problems. It is definitely worth having for this reason lovelies.

Festival Buddy: When you first look at this app in the store, you kind of worry what you may be downloading, but don’t! It is actually a really useful app, however you do need to make sure that everyone else in your group has the same app. If not it is kind of pointless lovelies, so out of all the apps I trialled this is the most technical but for outside reasons. If you can get everyone to have the app though, then definitely use it, to help you set meeting points and to find them and your tent.

The Festival Guide: Created to help keep you up to date with all the festival trends, updates and gossip, this is an app that will help you prepare for the festival before you go. Making sure to let you know everything you need to about the event, this is something that you can use to help you build your fashion wardrobe and more before you get stuck in the mud.

Which apps do you all use lovelies? Let me know! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X 

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