Ghost In The Shell Digital Review


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After the announcement that Scarlett Johansson would be playing the lead role in Ghost In The Shell, fans of the anime went mad at the choice. Hollywood white washing was discussed and people all over wondered whether there was any point in it being made with such a backlash. However, it was made and now it is out digitally for all of us to see.

20 years on from the 1995 anime version, the live-action feature sees Johansson take on Rupert Sanders vision of the character, Major. Playing the cyborg, the story is action packed and thrilling, but it lacks the beauty of the first feature a lot, meaning you are let down constantly by the lack of through or what seems to be of it.

Johansson takes on the character in the same way in which she seemed to take on her character in Under The Skin. Her version of Major is unattached and not really sure of the body and skin in which she is in. Having played something similar it is easy to see why she was cast to play such a strong female role, but it is hard when fans wanted something different.

However, there is something about the film that has to be praised. The film does have diversity, which people said it didn’t. There are many actors and actresses that have been chosen correctly and fit the live-action version well. And even Johansson puts her all into the role. It is just a role that wasn’t made entirely for her.

There so I am giving the film...

3 Stars

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