My 2017 Birthday Trip To Disneyland Paris! Day One!


Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

On the 12th July, my childhood dreams came true! I don’t any child or adult who doesn’t dream of heading to Disneyland! This year, along with my best friend Tessa, I finally ventured into the world of Walt Disney to celebrate my 22nd birthday in style at Disneyland Paris.

Throughout the week I will be sharing what happened and what went down each day, starting with the Wednesday we arrived. After booking up to go late 2016, we found a brilliant deal by booking everything separately. Flights were with EasyJet for £80, tickets through the Disneyland Paris website for £132 for three days entrance and our apartment/hotel was the Residence Du Parc Val d'Europe, which I can’t remember how much it was exactly, but overall the holiday came to £335 for three days in the park and four nights. Pretty good for a Disney holiday.

Setting off on Wednesday afternoon, we had a super quick flight to Paris CDG, where we met our transfer waiting for us at the other end to head to our hotel. After quickly checking in and dumping our luggage into our room, which was lovely – although it took us a long time to figure out how to open the door – we headed off to do the first important thing of the trip. FIND FOOD.

Is it even a holiday without a plane picture?
Around us, the area was quiet and very much a holiday/home destination. As we walked to the supermarket, we found a place which was created just for dogs to run free in and a Chateau that looked amazing. It was upon this walk to the supermarket where I got my first real glimpse of Disney, as my friend Tessa grabbed my arm and shouted, “Joey I can see the castle.” Never in my life has my whole body jumped with so much joy at that little sight. Carrying along the path, I got glimpses of the Indiana Jones ride and Thunder Mountain, both unknown to me at the time.

Food found and another exciting glimpse of the castle to be had, I asked – well more like begged – Tessa to go on an evening walk at around 10:30pm to see if we could get a glimpse of it all at night. Heading out Tessa told me to look up and I got to see the twinkling lights that whirl around the sky to highlight where the park is for those returning to the park to see the illuminations or to enjoy the rides at night.

Walking along and chatting about life, we were both shocked to see fireworks and raced to stand by this river, where I got my first glimpse at the Disney Illuminations. Although they weren’t very clear it was a fun game to see what was being reflected onto the castle and to see it in a faraway distance. It was automatic butterflies in the tummy moment. Especially when Star Wars came on, as it was probably the only one I could make out well aha!

By this point, I was so excited and ready to head to the park that I think I raced Tessa home to go to sleep so that we could get up early and enjoy the park. I will let you all know now that on this holiday I may have turned into a little kid again, with excitement, amazement, surprises, some tiredness, a little sprinkle of sass and a tiny amount of hanger all mixing in.

Check in soon to find out what happened on Thursday!

Joey X

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