Vodafone Accessories Help Me Prepare For Disney With Their New Music Tools


Good Morning Lovelies, 

In a few days, I will be up in the sky and heading off on my birthday trip, as I head to Disneyland Paris for a week of fun. However, right now I am making sure that I have everything that I need for whilst I am away.

I can guarantee that I will forget something, especially something I need like a charger or a cable. However, I am going to try and not touch them too much whilst I am away. Although, I will definitely need something to listen to music on on the flight and in my apartment as I get ready each day.

So, when Vodafone asked me if I would like to try some of their new accessories, I was quick to say yes. Starting with the item I knew I would need first, which was the Fresh 'n Rebel Caps Headphones. Priced at £30, they cost a bit more than I would normally spend on headphones, so I was interested in seeing what they were really like.

With a lot of cushioning for the ears, these were really soft on the ears. I even did a little test around the house to see what they would be like if I placed my head against a surface because no doubt I will fall asleep against the window on my way home. They provided a bouncy feeling and I loved that the music didn’t get louder as it was pressed on.

A really stand out part of these though was the remote control and detachable cable. If you have a load of bags then the cables could have got caught and yanked you back or annoyed you. But with this easy freehand and no fiddling about with phones element, it was a lot easier for me to control. They were essentially a really nice version of the Apple Headphones, but with more comfort and less slip ability.

The next product I tried was the Fresh 'n Rebel Rockbox Cube Fabriq Edition. Really small but very loud, this little speaker fits into a suitcase with ease and can be moved around so freely, as it is seriously light-weight. It packs a real punch in terms of travelling around a room though, as it played in my living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom when I was testing it out.

I loved the design, as it looked so fancy for a little speaker and the battery life was great. I didn’t feel like I had to worry about packing a cable for the item, as it lasted for ages whilst I was testing it out. Plus I knew I would only need it for a few hours a day.

Both items were in an amazing mint/greenish colour that made them attractive to look at to and definitely made me think again about the colours I wanted for my new bedroom. Small, loud and perfect for trips, I will definitely be looking into these items again in the future. And that is the honest truth lovelies!

To find out more about the products, visit the Vodafone’s accessories website. Links to each product can be found here as well: http://shop.vodafone.co.uk/shop/mobile-phone/accessories/sku97088/sku97089 and http://shop.vodafone.co.uk/shop/mobile-phone/accessories/sku97084.

What do you use to help you take calls or listen to music on holiday’s lovelies? 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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