Cars 3 VIP Charity Gala Screening Review


Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

In our house, Lightening McQueen is a bit of a legend. He is my two-year-old nephew’s hero and there so everyone in our house loves him! After promising him that we would all go and see Cars 3 together, which is out on the 14th July, Disney kindly invited me and my family to a VIP charity screening of the film.

Arriving at the Vue Westfield in Shepherds Bush, we were greeted by the amazing Cars outside the cinema, which my nephew loved, but secretly I think my brother enjoyed more.
We then went upstairs where we were greeted by Cars 3 madness! From photos, drinks and food inspired by the cars and balloon treats, everyone was ready for the animation of the summer and rightfully so.

Beginning with the brand new Pixar short film, Lou, the film automatically pulled on the heart strings of audience members. When a little boy discovers his toy is in the lost and found box, he must give everything back to those who have lost an item or he has taken from them to receive something back. It is a film that shows you can't just take everything in life, you must show kindness for kindness and joy to be given back.

This message is taken into Cars 3. As Lightening McQueen, voiced by Owen Wilson, starts the film on a winning streak, he is instantly threatened by new car Storm, voiced by newcomer Armie Hammer. Working with a team to try and keep his winning title, the superstar finds himself becoming a teacher to newcomer Cruz, along with film favourites Mater and Luigi.

Across the film, the theme of everyone working together is strong. From flashbacks to McQueen learning from Doc Hudson to his time with Cruz, the life lesson Pixar have given to young audiences and those with them is that there is a life cycle in this world and we must work together. Through the good and the bad.

Pixar have made this message through incredible animated sequences. From remodelling to fast pace race sequences, the animations have been taken up a notch. Formula One isn't even as advanced as this film is in giving audiences thrill rides.

Young children in my audience clapped at certain moments and one that stood out was when Cruz stated her importance on the track. Feminism is placed within Cars 3 and young children are happy to see it there. No matter how much those try to stop them, Cruz earned her tyre tracks to be there to be equal with her hero McQueen.

With hidden messages like this for adults and children, Cars 3 is giving filmmakers and audiences fresh ideas on how to bring important issues to the big screen. Director Brian Fee, who attended the screening, spoke highly of this and I think it should be spoken about a lot more.

Cars 3 has definitely been left open for further explorations and with new leading lady/car Cruz inspiring young people, there needs to be another one. And it better be quickly because my nephew won't wait long. This is the Rocky Balboa of the collection and now we need Creed. A film about the fresh new car on the track!

On the 14th July, I will be proud to share my birthday with this film's release! There so, I am giving it this winning...

4 Stars

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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