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Good Morning Lovelies, 

Normally when we speak about Arrow Films, we discuss the great classics that the company are working on re-releasing. Well not today my lovelies, because the company have created a brand new thriller, starring Antonio Banderas, Sir Ben Kingsley and Liam McIntyre, called Security, which is out today on DVD.

Directed by Alain Desrochers, the films follows Banderas’ character, an ex-special services veteran, who is finding life hard, as he struggles to find a job and luck. After taking up a security guard position in the local mall, which is run down and placed in a rough area, he believes life might just be picking up.

However, on his first night, he finds himself face to face with a young girl who has run away from the hijacking of a police motorcade, which she was in as she was being taken to court as a key witness in a trial. This is where Sir Ben Kingsley comes in, in a role that you may not expect him to be in. The enemy role, as he and his on-screen henchman try to take down the young girl. Something Banderas’ character is not going to let happen.

After so many action films, this one feels a bit lacklustre, even though the casting in it is great. The script feels like it has been used before and the story has a number of plot holes within it that leave audiences guessing what is really going on.

Banderas and Kingsley both deserved to have this film be more prepared. They are both willing throughout the film to give it their all, but it doesn’t feel like they are being given the chance to do so.

There so I am giving the film...

2 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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