Pulse DVD Review


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Arrow Videos continue to keep their classic collection growing with their latest release, Pulse, which is out on DVD and Blu-ray (for the first time ever) today! And it was a Cannes Film Festival Hit!

Created by Kiyoshi Kurosawa, the film is a spooky tale of how the internet and social media scene affect Japan and the people using it. As a group of young people find themselves struggling to deal with everyday life, a website is created asking if people wish to meet a ghost, causing intrigue and curiosity for all.

Highlighting the isolating nature of the internet and social media, the films cast are used as puppets within a technology driven world. They are used to make us worry and fear for what we have become so used to using.

It makes audiences want to switch off everything award them, as the deep upset of what these worlds can do dawn on us all. The film is definitely a modern horror classic that tackles the horror genre well and keeps audiences thinking long after watching it.

There so I am giving the film…

4 Stars

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Joey X

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