Stormy Monday DVD Review


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As the company release even more classic features, Arrow Films are proud to present to us all, Stormy Monday, the classic feature that marked the debut for film director Mike Figgis in 1988!

Going back to the classic noir-influenced gangster features, the film draws on the jazz scene from around the world to present Newcastle and the youth of the city in the 50s and 60s. Starring Tommy Lee Jones, Melanie Griffith, Sean Bean and Sting, the film has an amazing line up who all stand out within it.

Bean plays the young Brendan, a man who is taken in by the local jazz club owner, played by Sting. As time goes on he finds himself under pressure from the local mob boss Cosmo (Jones) to sell land. Something that is made even worse due to his relationship with Cosmo’s ex-girlfriend Kate (Griffith).

The film is definitely a clever mix of new and old, as the film captures the essence of the classic genre with the modern skills from the filmmaker. There are many times you forget that the film is in fact an 80s hit and not a first time gangster film.

Easily an influential feature, everyone in it stands out for all the right reasons. They capture their characters well and tell their stories in time to the jazz soundtrack that follows them. All in all making a great classic gangster film, which has earned itself this...

4 Stars

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