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Life seems like it came to director Daniel Espinosa when he was sat in on a Saturday night watching a film marathon including Alien, Jurassic Park and Gravity. Working to create something fresh but constantly bouncing off the elements featured in these films, Espinosa has made a story about life on Mars with a bromance leading the way.

Starring Ryan Reynolds, Rebecca Ferguson and Jake Gyllenhaal, the film follows scientists on the International Space Station, as they uncover a life form on Mars that could and does cause serious harm to life on Earth. All three actors work well with each other and Reynolds and Gyllenhaal appear to be having the time of their lives when working together and floating around on set.

However, they are let down by the lack lustre script, which doesn’t hold many original qualities within it. With six people on board and a rat for company, the film automatically springs to mind the crew members and feline friend that Alien had on board it. And whilst Reynolds does a good job of trying to replace Weaver, it isn’t the best space adventure around.

Calvin, the organism/alien that affects the ship comes to life very much like the animals in Jurassic Park. And thankfully so, as it also provides life to the film. First, it is looked at and admired, then it is on a mad murderous rampage. This is the only real character in the film that seems like it knows what it wants on screen and how it is going to get it. It is a hunt or be hunted situation that leads to the thrills you would have hoped.

Ultimately the film is very much a bunch of classics brought together to tell one story that lacks the rhythm and flow of space life that the others capture well. There so I am giving it…

2 ½ Stars

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Joey X

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