American Gods Series One DVD Review


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If you don’t have an Amazon Prime account, you may have missed out on the fantasy thriller that was American Gods. With many saying it was going to be the new Game of Thrones, the show doesn’t hold back from throwing audience members into the mind-blowing world from the get go.

Led by Ricky Whittle, famed for Hollyoaks and The 100, the show based on the book by Neil Gaiman has a standout cast including Emily Browning, Ian McShane, Crispin Glover, Kristin Chenoweth and Gillian Anderson.

All of which who bring to life the world of Shadow Moon, a prisoner who is let out a day earlier than expected due to the death of his wife. Whilst on a flight, he meets the mysterious Mr Wednesday, a con artist and God. After being drawn into a deal with Mr Wednesday, Shadow is faced with some of the weirdest scenarios in his life, which he soon has to learn to deal with whilst also grieving.

From a female god who can suck the life from the men she sleeps with with her vagina to a David Bowie styled God (Very well done by Gillian Anderson), American Gods makes sure to let audiences know that they are not going to be getting the normal fantasy features they would experience.

Every character has a mission. Good or bad. And they will do anything to make sure that they complete their tasks first before something can happen to them Whittle plays the role well, especially with the great McShane alongside him to balance out the character, with his wit and humour. However, some characters should definitely have been explored more, including Browning.

At first, I found the show hard to get into. I watched it originally on Amazon Prime and my mind couldn’t handle it, apart from the Irish character who won my heart over automatically. This soon changed though as I watched on. The characters and mystery surrounding the show deepened and this led to intrigue from all sides.

Unlike GOT, you have no idea how this show might go. From the opening five minutes, where things seem to be easy to understand to the last few episodes, there is nothing I can compare it to. It is a comic book which has been brought to life to take us away from our world for an hour. And throw us into a completely random one.

With only eight episodes, this is one show that definitely deserves the binge-watch status it is getting, but take it with care. Whittle may be eye-candy but it is the scenes designs that will draw you in and they can be dangerous to the eye.

Overall, the show is an original piece that highlights how far TV is coming in making gripping adaptations. Whilst a film version of this could have been drawn out too much, the eight hour-long episodes are enough to satisfy your thirst for fantasy once a week. Just don’t get to lost in it.

There so I am giving the show...

4 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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