The LEGO Batman Movie DVD Review


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Back in February, I spent one day in the cinema watching two very different films. The first one was Fifty Shades Darker, a not so family friendly feature and the other was The LEGO Batman Movie. A more PG feature.

After falling in love with The LEGO Movie a few years ago, I was excited to see how the character was going to be explored in his own feature. With all the regular faces we know from the DC series, the film makes comedy out of a much-loved toy.

Batman has always been seen on screen as being a brooding figure. Whether he is played by George Clooney or voiced by Will Arnett, the figure is a moody hero that we all love. However, in this feature, you will love him a little bit more.

Trying to stop the city from being destroyed, as well as his reputation, Batman is faced with having to make sure his image isn’t destroyed by Barbara Gordon, who reveals the dark side to his superhero image. Most importantly the way in which he deals with his enemies. Joined by Robin, voiced by the brilliant Michael Cera, the film becomes a sweet look into the future of the superhero genre. Whilst also calling upon some of the more iconic figures who have taken on the role.

Cleverly pieced together, the film is an animated adventure that will have many people pulling out their old LEGO sets to recreate. The characters have been given a new lease of life. One that is definitely needed after the real-life portrayals of the characters recently have lacked. The story beings to life witty one-liners and a great soundtrack to bring joy to everyone in one sitting.

The loner figure is no longer alone with the amount of love this film, produces. It is a film that has been made as a sort of heroic look at the character and how much it has affected so many of us recently.

Each figure is remembered for a reason and loved so much that the script writers and directors have had an easy job with this. Equally so has Cera and Arnett, who obviously love the characters as much as audiences will.

There are moments though that do drag a bit and the action scene does take a little while to get into. But if you love the character as much as I do, then this is quickly overlooked. Especially if Cera’s Robin figure is on screen.

Overall meaning I am giving this superhero...

4 Stars

The Lego Batman Movie is out now on DVD, Digitally and Blu-ray versions.

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