One Eyed Jacks DVD Review


Good Morning Lovelies,

For many of you who know me, you will know that I love Marlon Brando. Whether it is his looks, charms or just amazing acting talents, there is something about him that just makes him stand out to me.

So when I was told about the newly released, One Eyed Jacks, which is out today on DVD and Blu-ray, thanks to Arrow Films, I just had to get stuck in.

Made in 1961, this western places Brando in a world that many modern audiences will be unfamiliar of seeing him in. But it truest works! Telling the story of Rio, played by Brandi, the film captures him and his family after they rob a bank.

With karma soon on their tail, Rio and his family are left facing the consequences of their actions. Whilst also being placed in a romantic setting.

The film is a mixture of genres and while it is easily determined by many as a western, the film could easily fall into the thriller/romance features list. It is a true showing of the many talents Brando had when working with his characters.

No one of them was the same and Rio is another that many will now see and remember. Brando suits the western genre and it would have been amazing to see him in this role more, but his talents were so well shown in this, he probably didn't need to do another. A true show of acting at its best.

Overall I am giving the film...

4 Stars

Blog Soon,

Joey X

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