Grantchester Series Three DVD Review


Good Morning Lovelies,

Okay, so I won’t lie to you all! While my mum sits and watches Grantchester on Sunday nights because she loves the storylines, I watch it with her for a very different reason. The very dishy James Norton. Who is with me on this?

After a brilliant Christmas special at the end of last year, we were treated to the news of a third season. A season that I think was the strongest one of the lot. Norton and his co-star Robson Greene, returned as the quirky police officer and vicar duo to uncover who did what in their very dangerous village.

From poisonings at a friendly cricket game to marital affairs, the third season was very drama based with only small hints of comedy. But it wasn’t something that put audiences off. In fact, it made you want to watch more and more because Norton’s Sidney character has a great audience appeal for his imperfect perfection as the friendly vicar with hints of troubles.

As the story goes on, you want to know why the characters are doing what they are, what is the motives behind them in fact and how on earth are they ever going to save this small village again? Forget Midsummer Murders, because it is now all about this drama.

Greene and Norton don’t seem like two people who would fit so well together, but they manage to bring to life a classic duo that our TV screens have been missing for a long time. We haven’t had a good classic duo since the earlier 00s, if not before that, and ITV has worked their magic with this one.

Ending the series on a high, the show needs to be renewed for a fourth season, as this duo is far from finishing their crime-solving ways.

There so I am giving it…

4 Stars

Blog Soon,

Joey X

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