Mad Beauty Have Made The Ultimate Tropical Holiday Hand Sanitizer Product


Good Morning Lovelies, 

With less than a month to go until I head off to Disneyland Paris, I am stocking up on the final items I will need. Starting with all of my toiletries. After being given one of the best and most handy hand care packs, Mad Beauty was kind enough to send me their amazing new antibacterial items.

Attached to a clip, the product can slot onto bags and suitcases easily to make sure you have easy access to the items. Whilst the product will have to stay in your bag when on the plane, the item is a great feature to carry around when you are sightseeing or heading to the beach.

For me, the product is a great item to carry around Disneyland, as it means I can get quick, clean and fresh access without having to leave the queue straight aware. The scent is also very ideal for holidays, as it instantly reminds you of a beach.

Kindly the company sent me the Wild & Free product, which smells of Lavender and the Tropically Tropical, smelling of coconuts. As I have a bit of a weird thing about the smell of lavender, I gave this one to my mum but the coconut one was mine. I can’t wait to take this around with me now and to have easy access to the product.

The item is a fun and exciting new way to keep your hands feeling great and I am looking forward to taking this to Disneyland Paris with me lovelies. I will let you know more about the item once I have taken it away with me lovelies.

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Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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