Aftermath DVD Review


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After taking a short break away from the big screen, Arnold Schwarzenegger has returned in new action adventure, Aftermath. The film based on the real-life events of a plane crash in 2002 that led to one man’s huge struggle.

Looking into the 2002 plane crash between a Russian passenger plane and a cargo plane over Germany, which left 71 people dead, the films sees Schwarzenegger’s character Roman Melnyk struggling to comes to terms with the death of his wife and children.

Unhappy with the information in which the police are giving him, Roman decides to find the answers he has been looking for himself. This includes finding the person who caused the accident to happen. All of which leads him to stranger Jake, the air traffic controller on the frightful day, who is in the same position as he is.

The film has a lot of heart hidden within the sad and tragic moments. However, the ultimate reason to watch this are the twists that erupt and take place every other scene. Arnie holds his own on screen and shows audiences what he does best, whether it is the action or dramatic moments, cementing his return to the big screen.

However, the film does lag in parts and what could have been tensioned filled moments, lack that feeling of making you want to watch on. The real gem there so is Arnie’s performance.

Therefore, I am giving the film…

3 Stars

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Joey X

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