Willie Dynamite DVD Review


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The Film Willie Dynamite has fast become a cult classic. Starring Roscoe Orman, it tells the story of a pimp who is looking to change his life whilst also becoming the number one pimp in New York.
Decked out in the flashiest items, the New York-based film shows Willie Dynamite at his toughest moment. Faced with police, other pimps and a change in the way his world is being run, Willie is someone who you probably would never like to meet.

As the leading figure, Orman is a powerful and incredible actor. He commands the screen and takes on the genre and film topics in such a way that you can’t stop watching. Even when moments become tense.

The film’s soundtrack is also a bonus and the instant hit of Martha Reeve’s singing the intro song, as the character comes on screen is a moment of film history that will never be forgotten. With a score also created by J.J. Johnson, the music is the real heartbeat of this cult classic.

There so I am giving the film...

4 Stars

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Joey X

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