I Am Not A Serial Killer DVD Review


Good Morning Lovelies,

A bit of a mixture of genres, I Am Not A Serial Killer, is a film that takes the supposed villain and makes him an anti-hero in the weirdest but perfect way to give a refreshing account on screen. Thrill fans will enjoy this a lot.

Following a teenage boy, who believes he is destined to become a serial killer, the film sees him try to solve the murder cases in his town when a strong of deaths happen. Based on the bestselling book, the film sees him turn on his neighbour, played by Back to the Future legend Christopher Lloyd, who he suspects is the person behind all of the deaths.

Irish director Billy O’Brien has made a film that leaves you guessing, in shock and at times entertained as the interaction between the two leading men is so strong and so clever that you can’t help but be entertained.

There is a continuous sense that you have to watch to find out who is behind the murders and the way this is explored on screen is a fresh and eye-catching nature. It is something that fellow filmmakers could watch and continue with.

Unlike Lloyds other films I sense this would be more of a cult hit than a film that goes on to be a blockbuster. But with the powerful connection between the actors, the interesting story that captures the book it is based on so well and with so many mixed emotions produced, it will go on to stand the test of time with film fans.

There so I am giving it...

4 Stars

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Joey X

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