Apple Tree Yard DVD Review


Good Morning Lovelies,

Falling into the Sherlock 9pm slot on BBC One, Apple Tree Yard, based on the best-selling book by Louise Doughty.

Falling a woman who begins an affair with a man who doesn’t reveal much about himself, the show stars some amazing talent to take on the hard hitting storyline. Emily Watson is the leading member of the cast and her talents are truly shining on screen.

With storylines that are constantly throwing the audience off the scent, Watson is joined by Ben Chaplin and Mark Bonnar to bring audiences a romp fest filled show. The 9pm slot has been made for a reason lovelies.

Watson’s character is one your emotions are going to be destroyed by and there is nothing you can do, as the story makes sure that you know what is happening and how it is going to affect not only the character’s but you as an audience member.

The show captures the issue of rape in an honest way. So honest in fact that it is hard to watch as a viewer, but manages to make you think for days after. You as a viewer want to help those that are afraid to speak out and to capture this element so well on screen is where the actors and writers need to be commended the most.

Taking on the big Sunday night slot, against ITV’s rivalry, the show has managed to hook in audiences and given us a treat to think about. It is hard to forget the show after watching an episode and it leaves you thinking about it for days after. Especially episode one, which is a shocking and horrifying piece.

There so I am giving the show...

4 Stars

Blog Soon,

Joey X

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