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In 1960, John Sturges made a film that would go on to stand the test of time. With actors being made into film heroes from it and classic film scenes that inspired a generation and still does, The Magnificent Seven has gone down in history as one of the best western films of all time.

So, when it was announced that there would be a 2016 remake, many (including myself) were worried about how the film was going to adapt and change. As well as if there were going to ruin a great film. However, upon watching it this weekend, the film doesn’t do that and it is all down to the amazing cast.

Starring Chris Pratt, Denzel Washington, Ethan Hawke and Haley Bennett, the film tells an updated version of the story but continues to show that whilst you can change a film visually the story of a remake will always be the same and rightly so.

The Magnificent Seven tells the story of seven men and their battle to take back the town that they are losing to the industrialist Batholomew Bogue. As they prepare to fight him for everything and claim back what they deserve, the group finds themselves facing many other elements that have been placed in their way.

Director Antoine Fuqua has added an action-packed element to the story. With audiences seeking more and more nowadays on screen, this injection adds to the appeal of the modern version of the film, but it does mean that some of the comedy is lost to this. Not much though when you see the ways in which Pratt and his fellow actors interact.

Together the new cast adds a fresh look at the western genre and encourages audiences from all over the world and of all ages to take a look at the film. If it isn’t what people remember or think is as good, it has been a success in making people want to see the original all over again or for the first time. Something that the actors in this film should be commended for.

Add in a great score that goes back to the classic film many times, by reflecting the classic tones of the classic film. Plus, by being James Horner’s last score it adds a somber feel to the film as you can hear the talent behind the man who made so many films stand out on screen with his music.

Overall the film fits together and makes for a comedic and interest viewing for those who may or may not have seen the film. The cast slots together in an impeccable way and the interaction between every member is one that should be brought together again. However, the film is a real winner for allowing audiences to remember the classic film that we all still love and enjoy or now feel the need to watch for the first time.

A classic and modern mix deserves this…

3 Stars

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