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Good Afternoon Lovelies,

To celebrate the release of their brand new product, Flora challenged me to an exciting task. As January gets renamed to Veganuary, people are being encouraged to go meat-free, something Flora has helped with as they present to us their new vegan butter, Flora Freedom.

Along with a number of ideas and recipes to help us all, the company asked me if I would like to try one of their recipes and I decided to try out the baking option. So vegan chocolate brownies were the way forward. Using this recipe: http://www.flora.com/recipes/detail/99899/1/vegan-chocolate-brownies, I headed to the shop to pick up all the ingredients and brought them home to have a go.

I was a little bit worried about how they were going to turn out, but after picking out all of the ingredients, I found that the recipe was kind of easier than normal brownies and I actually think that they are gooier and brownie textured that any I have made before. I was very impressed with them lovelies!

Along with their new product, Flora has also come up with some great tips on how we can all go vegan this January. Simply follow these easy tips...

1. Simply swap the milk in your tea, coffee and cereal to one of the great plant-based alternatives. There are loads to choose from including soya, almond, cashew, coconut, oat and hemp. Pick one fortified with key nutrients like calcium and B12 to make sure you don’t miss out. 

2. Big up the pulses! Tinned pulses are easy, ready to use and a great filling provider of protein and fibre. Add to soups, salads and veggie chilli.

3. Try making a delicious cottage pie using soya, quorn or vegetable mince and lentils/beans. Combine with chopped veggies, tinned tomatoes, herbs and spices and top with mashed root veg made with Flora Freedom. Nothing more warming when topped with vegetable gravy and steamed green veggies.

4. Get out the slow cooker. Chuck in tinned tomatoes, veggies, lentils or beans and some barley/potatoes for a warm filling dinner. Serve in a bowl with crusty fresh bread spread with Flora Freedom.

5. This weekend, try out some vegan pancakes. Make your pancake mix using flour, a plant based alternative to milk, nut butter and mashed banana. Top with sugar and lemon or chopped fruits for a fun tasty start to your day.

6. Don’t miss out on enjoying dessert. You can make a delicious crumble topping using flour, oats, sugar and Flora Freedom and add on seasonal fruits. Combine with a soya or oat based custard or try some coconut ice-cream alongside

7. If your cravings start to creep up on you, nuts make a fantastic healthy vegan snack. Combine 30g of your favourite with some small chunks of rich 80% dark chocolate for an indulgent afternoon treat.

To have a go at making your own lovelies or to find out more about Flora’s new vegan butter, just click here: http://www.flora.com/recipes/category/1214838/vegan-recipes

What will you lovelies be making?

Blog Soon,

Joey X

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