The Cadbury Creme Egg Cafe Returns With A New Addition And Treats!


Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

Are you ready to be put into a chocolate coma? Because throughout January and February the Cadbury Creme Egg Café is coming back and with a friend, as the Cadbury Creme Egg Hunting Lodge will be going all around the UK to serve Cadbury lovers everywhere special Cadbury treats.

Inspired and featured in the new advert, the lodge will have a lot of Creme Egg hunting paraphernalia to help all of the Creme Egg hunters out there. Once you have been taught your new skills lovelies you can also have one of the following treats at the lodge...

Gooey Creme Egg S’mores – gooey Creme Egg pieces and a giant marshmallow, sandwiched between two biscuits, toasted for added gooeyness!

Creme Egg Hunters’ Hot Choc– mouth-watering Cadbury hot chocolate, with melted Creme Egg added in for goo-d measure!

Creme Egg Forest Fridge Cake- crushed biscuits, nuts and apricots, coated in a thick layer of delicious Cadbury chocolate, topped with gooey Creme Egg pieces.

Creme Black Forest Toastie – the popular Creme Egg Toastie is back with a twist – gooey Creme Eggs mixed with black cherries, sandwiched between golden toasts.

Starting on the 27th January at the London Eye, you can also find the lodge at one of the following times in these other places...

  • 27th January – The London Eye*, London (4:50pm – 9pm)
  • 30th January – Broadmead, Bristol (Open 4:50pm – 9pm)
  • 31st January – Broadmead, Bristol (Open 4:50pm – 9pm)
  • 3rd February – Birmingham City Centre (4:50pm- 9pm)
  • 4th February – Birmingham City Centre (Open 1:50pm- 6pm)
  • 8th February – The Briggate, Leeds (Open 4:50pm – 9pm)
  • 9th February – The Briggate, Leeds (Open 4:50pm – 9pm)
  • 10th February – Festival Sq, Edinburgh (Open 3:50pm – 8pm)
  • 11th February – Festival Sq, Edinburgh (Open 1:50pm – 6pm)
  • 25th February – The London Eye, London (Open 1:50pm – 6pm
  • 26th February – The London Eye, London (Open 1:50pm – 6pm)

To visit them though lovelies you will have to book tickets, which can be found here:, with donations from the event going to the Prince’s Trust Charity. You may also be able to walk in on the day, but these are very limited lovelies.

You can find out more about the events here lovelies:

Will you be visiting a lodge lovelies? 

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