Hell Or High Water DVD Review


Good Morning Lovelies,

Jeff Bridges has been a hero to the recent western genre and his latest performances in Hell or High Water doesn’t let him down!

Starring alongside Chris Pine, Gil Birmingham and Ben Foster, the film is a story that surprises you every step of the way. Pine and Foster take on the brother figures who set out to steal money from the local town banks and succeed.

Set on the case to find out who is committing the crimes, Bridges’ cowboy style cop goes after them and finds that in fact, he has the whole town behind him to help catch them.

With a clever script and story, the film is one of the best modern western’s present to us in recent years. Bridges is at the top of his game in this role and makes a rememberable character, who manages to stand out in a brand new western world.

Pine and Foster are also at the top of their game and they are two figures who definitely need to appear on screen together again. They work and bounce off of Bridges cowboy/cop figure and make for an adventure set out in an alternative universe that audiences may think deserves to be somewhere else.

Ultimately this is, in fact, the real winner of the film. The fact that they have made a film that is very much meant to be a western or at least set in the world of a western be placed in a modern town with a modern outlook of life is so well thought out.

It is like the genre has had a new life injected into it and there is a great sense that this is going to give the western genre a new look. One that has been long overdue.

This is the real winner and this is the real reason I am giving the film...

4 Stars

Blog Soon,

Joey X

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