One Week On Find Out Mine And Boo A-C's Favourite Moments From The Sherlock Finale!


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And how are we all today? Well, I hope! One week on from that epic Sherlock finale, myself and Boo A-C have joined forces to celebrate our favourite moments from the final episode. With a tonne of great clips to choose from, it was hard but we did it.

On each of our websites, we will be sharing our own, but I have included a link below so you can see what Boo A-C’s favourite moments were and how they match/differ from my own lovelies. I hope though that you all enjoy them…

1. Moriarty’s Return: One of the most exciting moments of the show was the return of one of the best TV villains of all time. However, it wasn’t as it seemed and the twist that came soon after Andrew Scott’s great character made the show even more watchable, as you wanted to know what he had to do with the character.

2. The Redbeard Twist: Throughout the episode, we were made to think that it was Sherlock’s dog that had met a horrible end. Yet, when the truth came out it was even more heart-breaking. The writers had allowed us to see why Sherlock had become so withdrawn even when he didn’t know why himself.

3. I Love You: This scene between Molly and Sherlock may have not been how we hoped it was going to be said, but the fact that both characters finally said it to one another was a huge moment for us shippers of the two.

4. Sherlock Realising His Power: The whole episode highlights how much power Sherlock really has. Not just over Eurus and Mycroft, but all of those around him, the writers have highlighted that ultimately Sherlock decides their fates. (Apart from Una Stubbs, who seems to have a great way of commanding the show on her own.).

5. The Ending: While it isn’t certain if this is the last episode or not, the show ended on a high and we got to see the two characters settle in to continue to solve the cases. With a surprise appearance from The Jam’s Paul Weller and a lot of Easter eggs, the ending left a warm feeling in every audience member’s heart.

There were many more moments I could have chosen but I think working with Boo A-C we covered many of them together. I don’t normally work with other bloggers, not because I don’t want to but the opportunities don’t come up to often, so this was a really great task and I am very thankful Boo A-C asked me to do it.

I hope that you will all enjoy reading her favourite moments and thoughts on the final episode here lovelies:

What were your best bits from the Sherlock finale? Let me know in the comments below or on the blog’s social media pages! 

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