Don't Breathe DVD Review


Good Morning Lovelies,

With Christmas now over, the January blues have set in and put many of us in a bit of a down mood. There so, I was a little concerned to watch Don’t Breathe, as I wasn’t sure a horror film would be the best medicine. However, upon seeing this it definitely was and not for any weird reasons you might think aha!

Following three young people, the film sees them enter the home of a blind veteran as they believe he has a large amount of money in his home, which they can take without him ever knowing. Yet, not all goes to plan, as the veteran is not afraid to protect his home at all costs from them and sets out to stop his money from getting in their hands.

The film is a tense film that has you holding your breath with it. Many moments are more gripping and thrilling because of the feeling inside you that leaves you hating the unexpected. It is this that makes it one of the best horror films in a long time.

As characters, they are all likeable, even when doing wrong and you are never quite sure who to stand up for or who you wish would just hold their breath a little longer. Of course, there is no justice for what the group do to the man, but their actions are planned so well you have many conflicting feelings as an audience member.

Director Fede Álvarez and his team, many who are responsible for the Evil Dead remake, have used their film history knowledge and presented us with a new idea on the big screen. Or a fresh take on an old look. The whole thing is very much successful because of this and without this vibe throughout, the tension would not be as good as it is.

There so I am going to breathe a huge rating on this film with this glorious…

4 Stars

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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