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Blake Lively to me will always be Serena Vanderwoodsen from Gossip Girl, but that doesn’t mean her talents don’t shine in other films and TV shows when she is on screen. This summer she starred in The Shallows, a shark story with a horrible consequence.

Playing a diver, the film sees her character get stuck out to see as a shark traps her in the ocean and prevents her from going back to safety. Lively’s character begins a Jaws like battle to keep herself alive, with a friendly seagull to keep her company as she does so.

Lively takes on the role with ease, as she shows the two sides to the character. The fragile woman who has gone through something terrible, to the woman fighting for her life to make sure she fights the elements stopping her.

With some additional characters in the form of a seagull, a drunk man and a family who finally manage to help Lively’s character Nancy, the film is an intense and thrilling journey that makes audiences want to sit forward, scream at the TV and be transported back in time to when Jaws was first in cinemas, as it is just as gripping at times.

There are the occasional moments of cheesiness in the film, as the characters try to get on with their lives, but this manages to only capture the beginning and end of the film.

When a film has so much promise to be a hit film, there has to be this promise that it is not going to be like others. This film was always going to be compared to Jaws, but there is a lot of individualism about this film and it all comes down to Lively’s performance.

She is not trying to be like others. Instead she is proving herself as an action figure in the film world who can do many things with her career. Without her the film would be very much like other films, but she adds a fresh new look on the genre.

And that is why I am giving the film...

4 Stars

Blog Soon,

Joey X

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