Nerve DVD Review


Good Morning Lovelies,

Now I am going to admit that when I saw the trailer for this in the cinema I was not excited, interested or intrigued to watch it. I know that may sound really bad but it was just the vibe that the film was giving out. However, over the past few weeks I was sent the film to review and there so I gave in and watched it.

Starring Emma Roberts and Dave Franco, the film sees Robert’s character break away from her innocent character to play a new mobile app based game which dares those to take part in activities they wouldn’t normally do and share them with the world. As the dares get more and more dangerous, Robert’s character teams up with Franco, and the pair descends their characters into the madness that the app creates.

Robert’s portrays a figure we haven’t seen her take on screen for a long time and Franco provides a cheeky yet intriguing character, who works well with Robert’s. There is a chemistry between the two and it is sensed throughout the film, even when the dares become more and more over the top.

Considering the film was created by the makers of the Catfish documentary, the film doesn’t match up to the standards of their previous hit. It seems to continuous try to avoid being cheesy but while doing this it becomes worse and worse.

You can see as an audience member that they are trying to show how technology is making us change and try new things, with sometimes evil effects, but the storyline makes it cheesy to the point you might want to switch off.

It isn’t down to the acting, but the way in which the story goes. It starts off well and you hope that it will continue on this level, but by the end of it you kind of wish it hadn’t done what it did.

There so I am giving the film...

3 Stars

Blog Soon,

Joey X

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