Powers And The Night Of DVD Reviews


Good Morning Lovelies,

How are you all? Well, I hope! I have to admit something now. The reviews I am about to give you are based on a few episodes of the show because I was lucky enough to get sent the items, but the release date has past and I didn’t want to leave you all waiting.

Over the weekend I have been watching The Night Of and Powers to catch up with what everyone has seen. And this is what I thought of them, starting with Powers...

Based on the comic book series, the show follows superheroes but with a different. They are the kind of heroes whose powers make them more of a disaster than a help when it comes to saving the day.

This element makes the show independent to anything else and it all comes down to the actor's talents.

It has a great comedic cast, which is key to the story that the show is portraying as the characters need a funny person behind them to make them live. They are a cast who works together to deliver and they do so well.

There is only the element of not knowing a lot about them that makes them lack a sense of importance on screen, but with the power they have that continues to grow, they look set to be a great force if the show is to return.

The show is, therefore, getting...

4 Stars

The next show I watched was The Night Of...

After speaking about the show a while ago I was aware of what it was going to be about, but not a lot. The show is a deep and thrilling watch that keeps you hooked from the moment you start watching it.
From the start of the show you are following one character called Naz as he is placed under police investigation for murder. You don’t know if he did it and your emotions change from the get go. Honestly, there is not telling with the character if he is innocent or not.

With the way that the show hooks you in from the moment you start watching, there is no doubt that the show is going to continue to be as thrilling as ever.

There so I am giving it...

5 Stars

Blog Soon,

Joey X

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