It’s True! Heinz Soup Is The Perfect Film Night Comfort Food


Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

Now admit it who has put their central heating system on already? I love the warm cosy feeling of sitting in my house whilst it is dark outside falling into a new film, TV or book world. And if something makes it any better it is food lovelies. 

A few weeks ago I was asked if I would like to make a fun filled post with Heinz soup and to be honest I was quite excited. I hadn’t really thought about mixing the ultimate comfort food and films together, but hey who am I to stop it? With many kinds of soup producing one of your five a day and weight loss aid, not much can beat it as a comfort food (Yes I know Pizza can aha!).

In a lovely care package I was sent five tins of soup to enjoy including the classic Heinz Vegetable, Tomato, Cream of Chicken, Oxtail and Minestrone and I thought to add a bit of fun I would pick the films that I would match the tasty treats with a great classic film... 

Heinz Vegetable Soup: Known for being the family classic, this film has to match with the classic family films that have always been a treat to many. I can picture myself in our house sitting down enjoying this whilst watching Lassie or Edward Scissorhands, which is our family classic.

Heinz Cream of Chicken: This smooth creamy soup reminds me of the snow at Christmas, so I would definitely pair this one with It’s A Wonderful Life or Love Actually. I can picture myself in my PJ’s, warm fluffy socks and a big bowl of this on Christmas Eve as I enjoy the family classics on my TV.

Heinz Tomato Soup: The ultimate Heinz soup deserves to be enjoyed with the ultimate film according to many which is Citizen Kane. The film has topped many best film lists and the soup has topped many best soup lists around the world, so they are the perfect pair.

Heinz Oxtail Soup: This meaty soup deserves a bit of action film pairing. I can imagine watching this with Rambo, Gladiator or even a horror film if I was going to go really dark with it aha! This soup will definitely give you the strength to get through the cold winter months.

Heinz Minestrone Soup: With a hint of pasta this film had to be celebrated with the greatest pasta scene in film history, which is the famous kiss between Lady and the Tramp. Nothing beats pasta and nothing beats this Disney classic film. Mix this soup and that film and you will have the ultimate comfort treat this winter. 

Whilst my family and I have enjoyed a number of the soups with our film choices already, I have decided that the ones we haven’t eaten yet, will be used on my next film night, because it really is a comfortable treat this winter. 

Which Heinz classic would you enjoy on a cosy film night? 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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